Antique Province

I make it a point to visit the Provincial Capitol of every Philippine province that I visit. Antique Province, to our surprise, has two Capitols in close proximity in its capital town of San Jose. Great smile from Rommel, my travel companion throughout Panay Island in August 2016 as we took a photo of the new Capitol.


And here is the old Capitol… which strangely enough looks better than the new one. Apparently, the Vice Governor uses this old Capitol whilst the Governor uses the new one.


Across the road from these two capitol buildings is the Evelio Javier Freedom Park. It is named after Antique’s Provincial Governor who was assassinated here in 1986 as he was watching over the counting of the ballots for the famous Snap Presidential elections in February 1986. He was murdered as he stood on the steps of the new Capitol building.


His death was one of the many sparks of the People Power Revolution which ousted Ferdinand Marcos and catapulted Corazon Aquino into the Presidency of the Republic on February 26, 1986.


From San Jose, we continued on to Tibiao, which is famous for its Kawa Hot Baths.


I opted to try the Kawa Bath at Tibiao Fish Spa Resort where we stayed for the night to celebrate Rommel’s birthday.

A very enjoyable and very hot Kawa Bath indeed… along with beer coming out from a hose. I wish… hahaha!  Take note of the tiny ember below the massive Kawa made of cast iron.



We were then off to continue with our Panay Island adventure. Thanks to Judy of Tibiao Fish Spa Resort for looking after us so well, even lending us chairs so the birthday boy can relax as we waited outside for our bus to Aklan Province.



Antique has a very long coast… It is the least famous of the provinces of Panay Island but I’m sure there are many other hidden gems for the discerning travellers to find.


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2 thoughts on “Antique Province

  1. Thanks for shouting me beers for my birthday. We did find the Antiquenos to be honest people. Maybe I should have tried the kawa bath too, hmmm. I’ll save it for another time maybe; And the ‘backride’ on the motorcycle, that was fun :).


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