Promdi - A Sojourn into the Philippine Islands

One Province at a Time – One Island at a Time

Cheers to people from the provinces!!!

Promdi was traditionally a derogatory term for someone who grew up in the province and was dismissed as ignorant of city life. But with Manila now heavily congested, a shift has occurred with city folks now the ones jealous of the quieter life of those who come ‘prom di’ province.

Come and join me as I explore the serenity of the provinces. Enrich yourselves with thousands of captivating islands, beautiful landscapes and waterways, amazing flora and fauna, and the festive cultures of the Filipino people. The Philippines is indeed the pearl of the orient seas.

Choose from the main geographical divisions below and navigate your way through the breathtaking regions and provinces of the Philippine archipelago.

Mabuhay ang probinsyano!

CoachConto – Athlete, Warrior, Statesman, Spirit





One thought on “Cheers to people from the provinces!!!

  1. Nice and interesting place without me. I would love to go to other places and explore this with fambam. Hope to get more insights from you so I can explore this myself. LOL


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