Guimaras Province

Our Panay Island Adventure continued with a short ferry ride from Iloilo City that took us to the smaller Island Province of Guimaras which is geologically once connected to the main island of Panay.


Guimaras is well-known for its very sweet mangoes but unfortunately, Rommel and I missed the mango season and could not even sample at least one mango. But we did get to take a photo of the vast mango plantations.


Guimaras is also known to have the only Trappist monastery in the Philippines. The monastery is found in its capital city of Jordan.


And to cap off our overnight stay in the province, we stayed at Raymen Beach Resort, which had an awesome beach and views of surrounding tinier islands. Rommel is here with a couple of their friendly reception team.

We were here in Guimaras in August 2016; a few days before we had to participate in a relay triathlon in Cebu. So this beach resort was a perfect spot to warm up before the event cause I had to do the swim in the relay.


Guimaras is not as famous as Boracay on the northwestern tip of Panay Island but the locals here in Guimaras are well aware of its great potential for tourism and I am sure this province will continue to flourish in the next couple of decades.


As for me, all I want is to taste the Guimaras mango… one day I’m sure.

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3 thoughts on “Guimaras Province

  1. The highlights for me was the tricyle ride back to the ferry, haven’t done that for like 20 years, and the no mango in the land of mangoes! But hey, we had a great time. Thanks!

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